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Are You Concerned About Our Planet’s Future and Want Your Career To Reflect You’re Doing Something About It?

Are you looking to join a rapidly growing startup that's already working to partner with forward-thinking brands such as Microsoft, Stripe, and Shopify on reversing climate change, and will support you in doing the best work of your life?

Nori is a 16-person software startup that is connecting people who remove CO2 from the atmosphere with the fast-growing demand for carbon offsets. We’re looking to add more to our team.

Help us change the game on carbon offsetting.

Albert Einstein once said:

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.

Past efforts to address climate change have been to mitigate it, by focusing on reducing and avoiding emitting CO2 and other green-house gases. Nori is thinking bigger than that. Nori's mission is to help the world reverse climate change, not just make it less bad.

If we’re to do anything about climate change, humanity must both emit less, and remove the rest. Climate change is a straightforward problem: there are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The solution? Pull those gases back out and store them safely in the earth.

We need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

This requires global action to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are creating a transparent and secure marketplace for people to pay for and get paid for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The concept of a carbon market is not new, but the way that Nori is doing this is. Nori is focused exclusively on allowing people to pay for and get credit for removing carbon from the atmosphere, without having to be the actual person who did it. This is similar to typical carbon offsets, but there is a big difference. The majority of offsets are about avoiding future emissions. Carbon removal is about removing past emissions that are already up in the atmosphere. Less than 5% of offsets sold today have anything to do with carbon removal. It’s time to change that.

Nori is a new type of carbon market. We’re using blockchain to create a transparent and credible market that completely eliminates the widespread problems of fraud and double-counting that have plagued the older markets. You can learn more about this in a blog post written by our CEO, Paul Gambill.

Carbon offsetting is often a very lengthy and custom process that only the biggest companies can afford. Some companies have entire teams whose only job is to do diligence for 6-12 months on a single carbon offset project. That’s crazy!

Nori is making it so easy to pay for verified carbon removals that it will just happen automatically whenever something happens that emits CO2. What we’re building is an API that buyers can plug into any sort of software platform so that carbon removal payment is a natural part of their own product.

Imagine taking an Uber or Lyft ride, and at the end being able to negate your ride’s emissions. Or imagine placing an order on an e-commerce site, and in real-time the merchant pays for removing the emissions required to deliver that product to your front door.

The way we scale up carbon removal is by building it into the background of everyday life. The world should treat CO2 emissions the same way we do garbage waste. It’s built into the cost of doing business. Nori is making that possible for the very first time.

How Does Carbon Dioxide Get Removed From the Atmosphere?

By changing the way we grow food, farmers can sequester CO2 in their soils while also increasing the health of their land.

Nori’s focus right now is on farmers who sequester CO2 in their soils by adopting regenerative agriculture practices for three simple reasons:

  1. It is by far the most affordable method available today to draw down CO2, on the order of a few bucks per tonne.
  2. It is also the most scalable method available today. American croplands alone could sequester 1 billion tonnes of CO2 every year! That’s over 2% of all emissions the world produces annually.
  3. The entire agriculture industry is realizing that they must transition to these practices, or they won’t be able to grow food affordably in the future. Companies like Danone, General Mills, and Land O’Lakes have all made financial commitments to improve soil health because for them this is a supply chain investment. Nori is riding this economic wave.

Here’s one of our favorite videos to learn more about soil carbon sequestration.

Farmers Need a Financial Incentive to Start Farming Carbon

The amazing thing is, farmers see huge benefits to their soil from transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices! But there is a cost to doing so. They have to buy seeds for cover crops, new equipment, and they have to risk their federal crop insurance.

Our sales team is focused on corporate buyers. In the past, companies made commitments to go carbon neutral. Now we're seeing companies go beyond carbon neutral and commit to going carbon negative.

For example, Microsoft recently announced it would go carbon negative and remove all emissions since its founding in 1975. Stripe and Shopify also announced funds to directly support carbon removal projects. The time for carbon removal is now, and Nori has established itself as one of the leading voices in this space.

The Nori Marketplace helps businesses reach their climate goals and allows farmers to get paid in the process.

What’s It Like To Work With Us?

Nori is still a young startup with a lot of growth ahead. This means that anyone who joins our team at this point will have the opportunity to directly shape the culture of our startup. We are looking for someone who shares our values and brings a diverse perspective to the team. We’re looking for people who will be proactive about addressing culture in all aspects of our work.

Nori's Core Values:

Nori’s team is committed to five core values that drive our company culture, decision making process, and operational practices.

  • Honesty above all else. We value transparency in everything we do, from internal to external communications. We state things how they are, with radical candor (a style of communication that is both caring and direct). We will be honest of what we are capable of doing, what we are not capable of doing, and are understanding of the limitations and timing of priorities for our partners. And we expect the same in return.
  • Assume best intentions. We enjoy working together on a joint goal with internal and external partners. We agree to always assume the best intentions of another and ask clarifying questions to troubleshoot and define problems.
  • Limit work in progress. We continuously strive to limit the work in progress we have at any given times. We aim to do one or two things at a time. This means we will commit to deliver a set of developments that we believe are achievable and have the highest impact.
  • Act with the end with mind. Anything that we do must be aligned with our end goal: enabling global reversal of climate change and climate restoration.
  • Continuously improve. We endeavor to continuously improve across all aspects of our business, from marketplace design, to team collaborations and communications. Feedback and continuous learning are key aspects to this.

First and foremost, we are solution finders. We’re building a system for scaling carbon removal. No one has ever done this before!

This requires a certain comfort with the unknown, skills to communicate and get to the root of problems, and the wherewithal to find clarity when there are many conflicting opinions from internal and external stakeholders.

How is Nori Structured?

Product team is responsible for creating the Nori platform for onboarding farmers and the marketplace for selling carbon removal to buyers.

Supply team is responsible for onboarding new and enrolling existing farmers into the Nori platform to generate NRTs. This is the most resource-intensive work. Supply team members work hand in hand with or are in some cases also members of the Methodology team.

Methodology team assesses and recommends what should be included into the product requirements, and is responsible for the development and documentation of the U.S. Croplands Methodology.

Sales and Customer Development is responsible for the demand side business development and sales of Nori. Monthly meetings are held to review customer quotes and learnings to update customer development progress and business model canvases.

Communications is responsible for marketing and communications, specifically producing Nori’s two podcasts: Reversing Climate Change and the Carbon Removal Newsroom.

Leadership team consists of the leads from various internal teams, and works to develop good practices for the improvement of our company culture and progress towards goals.

Nori's Benefits

Four weeks paid time off, increases to five weeks after your first year. Plus holidays. Taking time off is essential, and we want you to recharge in whatever ways you see fit.

Full medical, dental, vision benefits covered for you and dependents. It’s a great plan with a very low deductible. With an insurance company called Premera that is (weirdly) beloved in the Seattle region.

Stock options.

NORI tokens, proportional to the stock options.

So, Are We The Right Fit For Each Other?

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