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Nori is a carbon removal marketplace. We connect people who remove CO2 from the atmosphere with the demand for carbon removals.

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Albert Einstein quote:  A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels

Nori is Changing the Game on Carbon Offsetting

Past efforts to address climate change have been to mitigate it, by focusing on reducing and avoiding emissions. We’re thinking bigger than that. Nori's mission is to help the world reverse climate change, not just make it less bad.

To do this, humanity must emit less, and remove the rest. Climate change is a straightforward problem: there are too many greenhouse gases up in the atmosphere. The solution? Carbon removal. Pull those gases back out and store them safely in the earth.


Nori is creating a transparent and secure marketplace for people to pay for, and get paid for removing carbon dioxide.

We need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, and it requires global action to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The concept of a carbon market isn’t new, but the way Nori approaches it is. Nori’s marketplace only sells carbon removals.

Avoiding future emissions makes up 95% of offsets. Carbon removal, on the other hand, is about removing past emissions already in the atmosphere. Less than 5% of offsets sold today represent carbon removal. It’s time to change that.

Nori is a new type of carbon market. We’re using the Ethereum blockchain to create a transparent and credible market that eliminates the widespread problems of fraud and double-counting seen throughout older markets.

Our Marketplace is Starting with Regenerative Agriculture

It is by far the most affordable method available today to draw down CO2, on the order of a few bucks per tonne.

It is also the most scalable method available today. American croplands alone could sequester 1 billion tonnes of CO2 every year! That’s over 2% of all emissions the world produces annually.

The agriculture industry is realizing they must transition to regenerative practices, or they won’t be able to grow food affordably in the future. Companies like Danone, General Mills, and Land O’Lakes have all made financial commitments to improve soil health - for them this is a supply chain investment and Nori is riding this economic wave.

The Nori Marketplace Gets Farmers Paid While Businesses Reach Their Climate Goals

There’s a daunting cost for farmers associated with adopting regenerative agriculture practices, such as buying seeds for cover crops and new equipment. Our marketplace helps prove its financially worth switching.

In the past, companies made commitments to go carbon neutral. Now we're seeing companies go beyond carbon neutral and commit to going carbon negative.

For example, Microsoft recently announced it would go carbon negative and remove all emissions since its founding in 1975. Stripe and Shopify also announced funds to directly support carbon removal projects. The time for carbon removal is now, and Nori has established itself as one of the leading voices in this space.


Marketing and Communications

They produce Nori’s podcasts, collaborate with Sales and manage Nori’s social, blog and website.


They develop and document Nori’s U.S. Croplands Methodology. They also work closely with Product.


They build and maintain the Nori app to register carbon removal projects, and the Nori marketplace to sell carbon removals.

Sales & Customer Development

They manage Nori’s demand channels, relationships with business customers and our business model canvases.


They work with suppliers to enroll their projects into the Nori marketplace and collaborate closely with members of the Methodology team.


These are the leads from Nori’s teams. They develop practices to improve our culture and hit our goals.

Nori’s Core Values

These values drive our company culture, decision making, and operational practices

We hold these values near and dear, but first and foremost we are solution finders. We’re building a system to scale carbon removal and no one has ever done that before!

This requires comfort with the unknown, communication skills, uncovering the root of problems and the ability to find clarity amongst many conflicting opinions from internal and external stakeholders.


4 Weeks PTO and Holidays

Taking time off is essential - we want you to recharge however you see fit. This increases to 5 weeks after your first year.

Full Medical, Dental and Vision Healthcare

A very low deductible plan for you and dependents with Premera that is (weirdly) beloved in the Seattle region.

Proportional Stock Options and NORI Tokens

When Nori does well, so do you! NORI tokens are our ERC-20 cryptocurrency.

Help Us Reverse Climate Change

We’re a young startup with a lot of growth ahead. Anyone who joins our team has the opportunity to directly shape our culture and success. We’re looking for someone who shares our values, brings a diverse perspective to the team and is proactive about addressing culture in all aspects of our work.

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