Who We Are at Nori

We're on a mission to reverse climate change. Our goal is clear - create a new way for anyone in the world to buy carbon removals.

Our Mission

We are reversing climate change.

We all understand the threat that climate change presents. Our warming atmosphere puts us on a collision course with extreme weather, food shortages, mass extinction, and social unrest. We’ve already emitted more carbon than is safe, and we’re not reducing fast enough. The threat is real, it will affect everyone, and we’re almost out of time.

To avoid climate catastrophe, we need to radically reduce our carbon emissions and remove the excess from our atmosphere. The problem is, our current economic system makes it easier and more profitable to emit carbon than to avoid doing so. Maintaining this status quo doesn’t just guarantee climate change, it also prevents businesses doing what they’re best at to be part of the solution. It shouldn’t be this way.

Instead, we need a platform that makes it easy to fund carbon removal. A platform that allows businesses to help repair our planet by removing any carbon emissions they can’t yet avoid creating. An open platform that everyone can invest in with confidence, no matter how big or small their contribution. A platform that allows individuals, businesses, and nature to thrive, while creating a legacy we can be proud of.

By creating a massive marketplace for carbon removal, starting with regenerative agriculture projects that store carbon in the soil, we can repair our climate and fund a better future.

The Team

Ross Kenyon

Creative Editor

Ross Kenyon is a cofounder and Nori's Creative Editor. Ross has had a varied career, working at an academic center and taking PhD coursework in political philosophy before deciding to play with ideas in filmmaking; primarily screenwriting and producing. He has also worked in technology communications in the blockchain space. He currently leads the development of Nori's podcasts and other types of media.

Our Advisors

Ramez Naam

Angel investor, public speaker and award-winning autho

Ramez Naam is a computer scientist, investor, and award-winning author of five books, including The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet, which charts a path to innovating our way beyond the challenges of climate change, ocean destruction, food, water, energy, population, and more.

Ramez is the Co-Chair for Energy and Environment at Singularity University at NASA Ames. He speaks around the world on innovation, exponential technology, solving environmental challenges, and disruptive energy technologies.

Ramez’s seminal 2011 Scientific American article, “Smaller, Cheaper, Faster” observed that the price of solar power was dropping exponentially and would eventually be lower than that of any other energy source. He’s since detailed the exponential trends in wind power, energy storage, and electric vehicles. His observations have been quoted by Nobel laureate Paul Krugman and by energy, climate, and financial analysts around the world. Ramez’s work has appeared in or been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Atlantic, Slate, Business Week, Discover, Wired, and Scientific American.

In addition to his energy analysis, Ramez is an angel investor in numerous clean energy startups, a board member of E8 Angels, and the founder and leader of the first AngelList syndicate devoted to clean technology.

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