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Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint, and get started on removing it.


Flying round-trip or taking a cruise can emit 1 tonne of carbon.

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The average American emits 1.33 tonnes of carbon every month.

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The average American emits 16 tonnes of carbon over the course of a year.

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Work with Nori to purchase carbon removals for your business needs.

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These estimates are derived from third-party sources. It is up to you to do more detailed research and calculations of your footprint if you want to be absolutely sure of how much CO2 you and/or your business are responsible for emitting.

Enroll your farm in the Nori US Croplands Pilot

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Join Leaders in Reversing Climate Change

Carbon Removal Revolution Starts Here

Nori's Carbon Removal Marketplace is the start of a movement towards more transparent and verifiable carbon markets.

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How Nori Works

Here's the gist of how the Nori Marketplace works. Want more information? Dive into the details

1. Farmers Remove Carbon

By using sustainable farming practices, farmers remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their soil.

2. Verifiers Quantify Carbon Removal

Carbon removals are quantified and verified by an independent third party before being listed in the marketplace.

3. You Pay for Removals

You pay the farmer for ownership of their carbon removals, and receive a certificate from Nori to prove it.

Reversing Climate Change Requires Removing Carbon

We're all doing the best we can to do our part when it comes to the environment. You can walk to work, fly less, eat local, buy solar panels, and more. This is all important. But it's only one part of the two part solution for climate change. In order to reverse climate change, we need to emit less, AND remove the rest.

Storing Carbon in Soil Is Low Cost, High Impact Carbon Removal

Decades of industrial agriculture have depleted our soil of essential nutrients and carbon. When farmers adopt regenerative practices, they are returning carbon to their soils and keeping it there. These practices also improve the soil health, lower the use of chemical fertilizers, reduces pollution, and makes the fields more drought resistant.

Farmers Like Trey Are Directly Rewarded by Your Support

Trey Hill was the first farmer to sell carbon removals in our marketplace. He is using the Nori platform to quantify and verify new carbon getting added into his soils. Your support empowers farmers like Trey to keep adding carbon to his soils with regenerative practices.

We’re Not Doing This Alone

Nori's market is an open source solution for climate change. Anyone can view and provide feedback on our methodology.

We're partnered with SoilMetrics, a USDA-approved method for quantifying carbon removals in soils.

We collaborate with agriculture software platforms like Granular to make it easy for farmers, like Trey, to join the Nori Marketplace

We're a member of the Techstars Sustainability Cohort with the Nature Conservancy providing world-class mentorship and experts.

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